Poll: Why Ravens are in the Super Bowl

When coach John Harbaugh talks about why the Ravens are in the Super Bowl, he always says it's a team effort. That's certainly true with the Ravens, but I want to know what you think the biggest reason is for Baltimore being in New Orleans.

I narrowed the list to five choices:

  • The Ravens' defense: Has allowed four touchdowns in the playoffs

  • Quarterback Joe Flacco: Has thrown eight touchdowns and no interceptions

  • Head coach John Harbaugh: Made the bold move of firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron with three weeks remaining in the regular season

  • The reshuffled offensive line: Has allowed four sacks this postseason

  • Linebacker Ray Lewis: Leads the NFL in tackles this postseason and inspired the team with his retirement announcement.

After you record your vote, send me a short explanation on your decision to the AFC North mailbag. Your comment could be used in a blog post later in the week.