Chudzinski names Norv Turner play-caller

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski made the right move Wednesday, when he officially gave the play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

Chudzinski didn't fall into the same pitfall as the man he replaced, Pat Shurmur, who kept the dual role of head coach and play-caller in his two seasons in Cleveland. It's tough to be a rookie head coach in this league. It's almost impossible to succeed as one when you're trying to do too much.

The best part of the news conference introducing Turner was Chudzinski's vision of his own role. "One of the things as a head coach that I want to be careful of is to be classified as an 'offensive guy,'" he said. "I'm the head coach of the football team, and being involved with everybody in all those different phases on a day-to-day basis is important in shaping the direction we want to go."

This is easier said than done, especially when you listen to the owner that hired you. When announcing Chudzinski has his head coach, owner Jimmy Haslam talked about how he wanted an offensive mind as the head coach and recited the number of touchdowns that Chudzinski helped produce last season as the Carolina offensive coordinator.

It would be naive of everyone to think Chudzinski is not going to have input on the offense each game.

"With Norv here, there's no doubt in my mind he'll do a great job as the play-caller," Chudzinski said. "Certainly, I will oversee it and be involved in suggesting or calling it at times. But that process is a fluid process."

In addition to being the offensive coordinator, Turner will also be the team's quarterbacks coach.

"Based on his history and the great quarterbacks he's been around and developed through the years, I think that will be a real asset for us," Chudzinski said.