Turner: Browns are being fair with Weeden

From the time Browns coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner were hired, every word they utter about quarterback Brandon Weeden will be analyzed and discussed.

Some believe there will be a new starting quarterback in Cleveland next season because the coaches haven't committed to Weeden yet. From my viewpoint, the Browns are just keeping their options open.

Turner told ESPN Radio in Cleveland that he sees "a real positive upside" in Weeden when watching tape.

"People may think it’s being unfair to Brandon to say, ‘Well, they’re being cool about it,'" Turner said. "I think it’s being fair to him to say, ‘Hey, we have a young guy that has some talent and we’re going to find out about him.’ We’re going to coach him and do everything we can to make him the best player he can be and let’s see where it goes. He’s going to have an opportunity to go compete, play and grow and I’m excited to be working with him.”

The keyword in this quote is "compete." The Browns aren't just going to hand the starting job over to Weeden at the start of training camp like coach Pat Shurmur. These coaches weren't involved in drafting Weeden, so he's going to have to earn the spot.