'Saturday Night Live' spoofs Ray Lewis

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Ray Lewis should feel very, very flattered right now.

"Saturday Night Live" did an entertaining parody of the retiring Ravens linebacker, even down to his over-the-top face paint. While actor Kenan Thompson didn't sound like Lewis or dance like him, the impersonation hit the right note in depicting the weeping Lewis we've seen in the playoffs.

For some reason, since his retirement announcement, Lewis is crying more than a teenage girl at the end of those "Twilight" movies. Brett Favre and Dick Vermeil would be proud. Cameras have shown Lewis tearing up before and after games.

I understand that this is an extremely emotional time for Lewis, whose 17-year career is about to end. But, if there's no crying in baseball, shouldn't the same go for football? At the very least, there should be a rule of no crying until the Super Bowl.

Here's part of SNL's "Weekend Update" segment, where anchor Seth Meyers interviews "Ray Lewis" (Thompson):

Meyers: A lot of us saw you cry last week during the National Anthem.

Thompson: Well, it's just … I've never heard that song before.

Meyers: You haven't? You've been playing football your whole life.

Thompson: I know, but … I always wear earplugs during the games to block out the sounds of my own screams.

Thompson then ended the scene by doing a gyrating dance that resembled the one that Lewis does when he comes out of the tunnel. And Thompson should be dancing -- for a job well done.