Ellerbe loves playing but hates needles

NEW ORLEANS -- Dannell Ellerbe made two points clear: he's playing in the Super Bowl and he's not pregnant.

Ellerbe, the Ravens' starting inside linebacker, is the team's biggest injury concern. He missed two practices last week with ankle and back injuries.

"I’m definitely playing in this game," he said. "I feel a lot better and it’s the Super Bowl, so I’m not sitting out. I got a cortisone shot. I’m going to stop telling people I got an epidural because that’s what pregnant people get. Never again. I don’t want to go through that again. I hate needles.”

An undrafted rookie in 2009, Ellerbe has become an impact player in the starting lineup this season. He finished as the Ravens' second-leading tackler and finished with 4.5 sacks. Ellerbe had an interception in the AFC Championship Game, giving another reason the Ravens need to re-sign him this offseason.