Ravens will be careful with some penalties

NEW ORLEANS -- The Ravens don't want to turn Super Sunday into flag day, although they have their limits.

Baltimore led the NFL with 1,127 penalty yards this season, an average of 70.4 yards per game. Only the Rams (130) committed more penalties this season than Baltimore. The Ravens' 121 penalties are the fourth-most in franchise history.

"As far as the penalties like holding, facemasks and things like that, we have to be smart with what we're doing," safety Bernard Pollard said. "We cannot allow that, because that could change the game a little bit in allowing the offense to extend drives."

The Ravens were also whistled for a league-high 19 personal fouls. But Pollard indicated that the high number of penalties won't affect the Ravens' aggressiveness on defense.

"As far as the hits, it's the way we play," he said. "We're not going ot change that way. We don't care what way the league is going. We're not malicious. We're not being illegal with our hits. We're hitting the right way. It's the way that they're trying to change things. They want the offense to be able to catch the ball and be hunky dory across the middle. Well, that's not the way we roll. When you come in our territory, we're going to defend what's ours."

The 49ers finished seventh in the NFL with 109 penalties.