Poll results: Ravens or 49ers

For the third straight week in the playoffs, the Ravens are predicted to lose in the SportsNation poll.

Of the 530,000-plus votes, 54 percent picked the 49ers to beat the Ravens in Sunday's Super Bowl. This has been the norm for Baltimore this postseason.

In our poll for the AFC divisional playoff game, 79 percent picked the Ravens to lose to the Broncos. Leading up to the AFC Championship Game, 58 percent predicted the Ravens would fall to the Patriots.

Here are selected predictions from the AFC North mailbag:

Mark from Campbell, Calif.: 49ers 21, Ravens 17. Low-scoring defensive first half. Two second half touchdown drives by Colin Kaepernick and surging defensive stand end the game in red and gold.

Krouse from Hummelstown, Pa.: Ravens, 31-20. I think the Ravens will win because of their experience at the QB position. But I hope the Niners win 48-0.

Michael from Apopka, Fla.: 49ers, 35-13. This will be a repeat of the BCS National Championship Game. All the hype about the defense and then it doesn't show up. Kaepernick will find holes in the Ravens defense and Joe Flacco can't answer.

Shane from Portland, Ore.: 49ers, 28-24. If the Ravens are going to win this game, they need to make Kaepernick beat em with his arm, which he is still very capable of doing.

Ryan from Boston: Ravens, 21-17. The Ravens have had a hard time with mobile quarterbacks this year, losing to both Michael Vick and RGIII. However, any sort of statistic or past trend has seemed meaningless up to this point in the playoffs.

Boris from Yigo, Guam: 49ers, 28-24. As a lifelong Steelers fan, this Super Bowl makes me sick to my stomach. I know the argument for maintaining Pittsburgh's lead in Lombardis, but I just cannot bring myself to root for the Ravens. It goes against my core beliefs.

Tom from Baltimore: Ravens, 28-10. Inexperienced. Untested. Over-hyped. The 49ers aren't accustomed to the big stage and it shows. Baltimore's defense draws up the blueprint to stopping the Pistol offense with disciplined assignments, speed and persistence.

Brooksie from Lancaster, Pa.: Ravens 34-24. Flacco will have a great day but I have a feeling this game is going to be won by Ed Reed. He'll get a pick six or fumble recovery for TD as well as an interception to either set up one of Flacco's touchdowns or Justin Tucker's field goals.

Chuck from Baltimore: Ravens, 35-17. Flacco will prove to the world that he is an elite quarterback this Sunday at the Super Bowl.

Fred from Scottsdale, Ariz.: Ravens, 34-24. With solid protection from his offensive line and a consistent run game; Flacco leads the Ravens past the 49ers. Defense bends but does not break and Ravens and Ray get their second Lombardi trophy.

Justin from Philadelphia: Ravens, 31-27. Both offenses put up lots of yards, but the Ravens red zone defense holds on two critical drives, just as it has all season. Down by four late in the game, Kaepernick has to take to the air, and the Ravens secondary nabs another game-sealing interception.