Ravens clamp down on tight ends

NEW ORLEANS -- Based on their history, the Ravens will keep 49ers tight end Vernon Davis out of the end zone in the Super Bowl.

The Ravens have allowed only two touchdown passes to tight ends this season, including the postseason. That's the fewest touchdowns allowed to that position this season, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Davis scored five touchdowns in the regular season and added another one in the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta.

"He does it all. He’s a beast," Ravens safety Ed Reed said of Davis. "He’s one of those guys that you all say has ‘it.’ He catches touchdowns, he’s blocking. I’m surprised they haven’t ran him yet, handing him the ball, but he’s somebody you really have to know where he is at all times and be mindful of what he’s doing, because they give him the ball, for one. You have to give him the ball. Why wouldn’t you? But whoever is covering him, whether it’s me, Bernard [Pollard], or anybody on our team covering him, you have to be really mindful of where he’s at."