The celebrity Super Bowl picks

NEW ORLEANS -- Here is what the celebrities are predicting for the Super Bowl, courtesy of the Scripps Howard News Service:

MALLORY HAGAN, Miss America: Ravens 24-14.

ANDREW DICE CLAY, comedian: 49ers 33-27. I am going with the 49ers, but I think it is going to be a close game. As for why I'm picking San Francisco, I think the name "49ers" sounds a little dirty -- oooh!

MARK CUBAN, owner, Dallas Mavericks: 49ers 28-16. Because I hate the Ravens, just like every kid from Pittsburgh does.

JOAN JETT, musician; has picked the past seven Super Bowl winners: Ravens 31-28.

JACK NICKLAUS, Hall of Fame golfer: Ravens 24-21. It really is a toss-up game, but being a longtime AFC fan, I will go with Baltimore. Plus, I believe the Ravens have more players from the state of Florida. Living in Florida, that gives me another reason to root for them.

DANICA PATRICK, race car driver: Ravens 34-24. Going to be an exciting game. ... I'm going to be pulling for the Ravens since GoDaddy's founder, Bob Parsons, is from Baltimore, and it's always fun to pull for a team that you have a personal connection with!

DONALD TRUMP, businessman; host, "The Apprentice": 49ers 24-21. Great defense.

JIMMY WALKER, actor, "Good Times": Ravens 31-26. Well, since I picked the Ravens at the beginning of the year, I gotta stick with the Ravens.

ADAM WEST, actor, "Batman": 49ers 24-21. This may be West Coast wishful thinking, but I think it'll finish 24-21 in favor of the Niners. But they've gotta get down and dirtier this game. The Ravens will. San Francisco's QB is looking gruesomely good. Protect that pocket.

ROBERT VAN WINKLE, rapper Vanilla Ice: Ravens 31-28. They've already beat the two biggest offenses in the league, Denver and New England. The score will be close.