Poll: Ravens' season-opening opponent

By winning the Super Bowl, the Ravens get to kick off the 2013 season on a Thursday night prime-time game. So, who should they face?

Based on the Ravens' home schedule, the top candidates are: the Bengals, Packers, Patriots, Steelers and Texans.

In looking at the trends, my guess is the Ravens will open at home against the Patriots, which would be a rematch of the past two AFC Championship Games. In the nine years of the defending champion opening on Thursday night, only twice has the matchup been against a team in its own division, and both times it was the NFC East. Also, there was just one time when the reigning champion played a team in the other conference (Indianapolis-New Orleans in 2007).

But this blog post isn't all about history and trends. I want to know which matchup you want to see the most in the 2013 season opener. So, record your vote and send me the reason why you want to see that matchup to the AFC North mailbag. Your comment could be used in the blog later in the week.