Poll results: Browns' quarterback situation

The Cleveland Browns should stick with Brandon Weeden. That's according to this week's SportsNation poll.

Of the 8,127 votes, 46 percent said the Browns should go with Weeden as their 2013 starting quarterback. Signing 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was second with 32 percent.

Here are selected comments from the AFC North mailbag:

Steve from Akron, Ohio: My personal opinion is that they should stick with Weeden and give the guy a chance. In terms of passing yards for rookies, he was second only to Andrew Luck. I think that speaks for itself considering the weapons available to him in the first half of the season. Cleveland's attitude in the past years of "win immediately or you're done" has gotten them nowhere.

Josh from Columbus: The best thing the Browns could do is go for Alex Smith. He is a proven commodity and Browns could use a more mobile QB (more mobile than either Weeden or Ryan Mallett). With the amount of cap space the Browns have, they could add Smith and Mike Wallace but would have to over pay for both of them. But they are they Browns, so that makes too much sense.

Max from Dallas: The Browns should take Matt Barkley in the first round, and if they can trade down and do that, all the better. But they should get him no matter what. I'm not a USC fan at all but Barkley got a bad rep and all because of his team having a bad coach and no defense. Barkley is the truth. If the Browns miss out on Barkley they should wait and take Landry Jones in the second round.

Brad from Maryville, Tenn.: Why is Thad Lewis always left out of the Cleveland QB discussion? Every time the guy gets a chance, he shows star quality. I'd like to see Alex Smith start with Thad Lewis at backup. Trade Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy for whatever they're worth. I love Colt but he's just too fragile to start in the NFL.

Jonathan from Cleveland: As a 40-year-old Browns fan who grew up watching Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar, these past 14 years have been painful. While Brandon Weeden might be close to my age, he deserves to get another year before we replace him. Weeden had the potential, but never received proper coaching last year. Pat Shurmur did him no favors by refusing to alter his philosophy to fit Weeden's skills. He fits Chud and Turner's prototype, and should be given at least a year to see what they can do with him. Enough is enough already.

Neil from Chicago: I think the Browns should trade for Alex Smith (if they can get him for no more than a 3rd round draft choice) or sign him for a reasonable amount as a free agent, and have him compete with Weeden. I do feel that Weeden will be a successful QB in the pros, but, it cant hurt to have another QB on the team that has proven he can play. Wouldn't matter who wins the job as the starter. The Browns are moving in the right direction and it won't be long until they can compete for the division title!

Christian from Shaw AFB, S.C.: Give Weeden one more year. My gosh man! I am not ready to anoint him the "Franchise QB" but one year doesn't make him a bust either. You have one of the best offensive coordinators in the league now, develop it. I am tired of the Coaching/QB Carasel. Everyone saying he had a "disappointing" year is getting old too. Did he make mistakes? Absolutely, but Tom Brady wouldn't have fared that much better as the QB.

Steve from Guildford, Surrey, UK: Stick with Weeden because he shows promise and stretches the field. Drafting a new QB next year is unlikely to get a starter in the first or second rounds. Trading for Alex Smith is likely to result in another average season and salary cap damage, whereas the team can be strengthened in key positions (CB, S, G, WR, TE) using draft and salary cap.