Chat Rewind: More talk about Joe Flacco

Here are some highlights from this week's AFC North chat ...

Lance (Mansfield, OH): Do you believe the Browns drafting Dee Milliner would be more of a luxury than a need? I understand there is a need for cornerback but Joe Haden is on the roster. Why not target a No. 2 corner n free agency and select Barkevious Mingo in the draft. Everyone knows free agency lacks 3-4 pass rushers and Mingo is the best pass rusher in the draft.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The Browns aren't going to re-sign Sheldon Brown and they're not sold on Buster Skrine stepping up into a starting role. So, cornerback is a need that has to be filled in free agency or the draft.

dan (lynchburg va): I assume this will be a weekly question until he gets signed: Any news on the Joe Flacco contract situation?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): They're still talking, and all indications say there is progress being made. That being said, it's still uncertain whether the Ravens can get a deal done by March 4, the deadline to use the franchise tag. Just remember, the sides can still negotiate a deal until mid-July even if the Ravens use the tag. So, they don't have to get a deal done by next week.

Doc" Garlathy (Montpelier, VT): Hi Jamison! Obviously the Steelers have a desperate need at running back. I agree that it's time for Mendenhall to go elsewhere, and what they have left isn't much. Since their cap problems will probably prevent them from signing a quality free agent, the draft is the only avenue open. Is it possible they would take a RB in the first round? If so, who would they gamble on? If not, who do you think might be available in a later round that could actually help them?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): This is a spot where the Steelers need a running back but taking one in the first round is not a good value. The top back is Eddie Lacey and most consider him a second-round talent. The Steelers would do better to draft a running back in the second or third rounds.

Dan (Cincinnati): Who will the bengals sign in free agency? Is Reggie Bush or Greg Jennings a possibility?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The Bengals will spend most of their money on keeping their free agents (Andre Smith, Michael Johnson) and striking extensions with young players who have outplayed their current deals (Geno Atkins and A.J. Green). If the Bengals can keep Atkins long term, I wouldn't be upset if the Bengals don't make a splash in free agency.

Rodney Stokes (Seattle, WA): Between Dion Jordan and Ezekiel Ansah, who is the better prospect for the Cleveland Browns at OLB/DE?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Jordan. Ansah seems too boom-or-bust to take at No. 6.

Brian (Cincinnati): Is there any news about the Bengals signing Michael Johnson or Andre Smith to a long term deal before the free agent deadline?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Hearing nothing right now (crickets sound).

Al Watkins (Jamaica Run): Do you think the Bengals have a shot at West Virginia's Tavon Austin? Or did his combine now put him out of reach?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Going to be interesting to see where Austin goes in the draft. He has third-round size but first-round playmaking ability. Austin is exactly what the Bengals need.

Caleb (Cleveland): Why do many analysts have the Browns taking a DE. I know we need they need a pass rusher, buy why not take a LB or Milliner? Also if we did take a DE, do you think they should trade down because there are so many interchangeable options?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): There are questions about the health of two top prospects, Milliner (shoulder) and LB Jarvis Jones (stenosis). If the Browns are leery of their medical conditions, they still need to add a pass rusher somewhere.

Nick (NY): Hey who would be a better pick up for the Browns, Matt Cassell or Kevin Kolb if he gets released?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Boy, that's a depressing combo. I would go with Cassel.

Ben (Afton, VA): True or False: Flacco gets a deal done by the cut off and avoids the Tag? (Your gut feeling here)

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): False. But if the statement was this: Flacco gets a deal done by July, I would say true.

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