Poll: Did Flacco deserve record contract?

Not surprisingly, the Ravens' coaches and players are quite pleased with the signing of Joe Flacco, who became the NFL's highest-paid player at $120.6 million over six years.

Here's some reaction from the Ravens and from one rival ...

Ravens running back Ray Rice on Twitter: Dinner and a few nights on Joe Flacco when we get back well deserved

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith on Twitter: "You don't need to think he deserved it but our front office does and at the end if the day that is all that matters....I'm done."

Ravens defensive lineman Art Jones on Twitter: "Congratulations to my boy joe flacco on the new deal. Much deserved"

Steelers offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert on Twitter: "Hold up? Highest paid player in NFL history?"

Now it's time to hear your thoughts. After you vote, you can give me your take on Flacco's contract (let's keep it to 200 words) by sending me a note to the AFC North mailbag. Your comments could be used in a post on the AFC North blog this week.