Wake-up: Flacco celebrates with McNuggets

I know, I know. You're getting sick of all of the posts on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Well, I couldn't resist this one for the wake-up call ...

RAVENS: You just signed a contract that makes you the highest-paid player in the NFL. So, where do you go to eat right after doing so -- an upscale steakhouse, expensive seafood place or that ritzy French restaurant where you don't understand half the menu? Or you could just head for the Golden Arches. That's right. On his way back to his New Jersey home, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made a stop at McDonald's for a 10-piece McNugget meal, with fries and an unsweetened iced tea for $6.99. That doesn't really put a dent into his $120.6 million deal. Couldn't he have splurged for the 20-piece meal? Click right here to see a pic of Flacco as he went through the drive-thru. It's good to see he's still an Average Joe.

BENGALS: When Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson described the questions asked by the Bengals at the combine as weird, director of player personnel Duke Tobin took that as a compliment. According to Johnson, the Bengals asked him to remember five words and asked him to repeat a four-digit number in reverse order. "If a player walks out of there feeling a little unprepared or challenged, then we accomplished our goal," Tobin told the team's official website. "What we're not wanting is the player to tell us what he's rehearsed with his people prior to the combine. The core of our interview is having the player come in not prepared and react to it. That's the core of what football is. How quickly can you think in unfamiliar circumstances?"

STEELERS: Cornerback William Gay, who signed with the Steelers after one season in Arizona, is glad to be back. It sounds like the Steelers wanted him to return, too. "Soon as it hit the wire that I was released, I got a call from the black and gold," Gay told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "That put a smile on my face -- knowing the team that drafted me wanted me back." Asked if he was told about his role this season, Gay said, "They said come back and let's go, let's compete and win games," Gay said when asked what his role will be in 2013. "That's all I want to do -- run out of that tunnel with [No.] 22 on."

BROWNS: Brandon Weeden reached out to get help this offseason from Chris Weinke, someone who followed the same path from minor-league baseball to college football to the NFL. Weinke, a Heisman Trophy winner, is the director of the IMG Football Academy. "We're focusing on his footwork, and he's a gifted athlete,'' Weinke told The Plain Dealer. "We're trying to create that sense of urgency within his feet, which will obviously translate into getting rid of the ball quicker. He was very receptive and I'm excited to see what transpires over the next couple days.''