Mallett-to-Browns trade speculation (again)

Being the dutiful AFC North blogger, I waited until midnight to write on any breaking news that occurred with the start of the NFL's brand-new three-day negotiation period.

So, what did we get? Just more speculation about a potential Browns' trade for Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett. Yawn.

This isn't really news. It's basically another round of mixed signals on this subject. With two potential quarterback targets off the market for the Browns (Matt Moore re-signed with the Dolphins and Brian Hoyer received a second-round restricted free-agent tender from the Cardinals), The Plain Dealer reported that one source expects the Browns to try to trade for Mallett. But, in the next sentence, the newspaper adds that another source says Patriots coach Bill Belichick won't let go of Mallett.

Working against a trade is the fact that the Browns would prefer not to give up a draft pick after using a second-round one on wide receiver Josh Gordon in last year's supplemental draft. The Browns' best option in free agency at this point is looking like Saints backup Chase Daniel. He's 26 (three years younger than Brandon Weeden) and has spent the past four seasons behind Drew Brees. Daniel is intriguing because there has to be some reason why Saints coach Sean Payton has kept him around this long. Plus, adding Daniel won't cost the Browns a draft pick.

Hopefully the weekend provides better bits of information than this.