Will Ravens be forced to open on the road?

The Baltimore Ravens have already had a series of disappointments this month, losing six starters from their Super Bowl team. The Ravens may be in line for another.

According to the Ravens' official website (which strangely cited league sources and not team ones to break the news), the Ravens could be forced to open the 2013 season on the road because of a scheduling conflict with the city's baseball team. The Orioles play the White Sox at 7:05 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 5, and the Ravens and Orioles share the same parking lots at the downtown sports complex.

The easiest solution is for the Orioles to move their game to early afternoon, but the team has yet to agree to that. According to The Baltimore Sun, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went to MLB commissioner Bud Selig to discuss the matter but it didn't get anywhere.

The defending Super Bowl champion has traditionally kicked off the season with a Thursday prime-time game at home. The game couldn't be rescheduled for Wednesday night because of the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, according to the team's website. The only other option is for the Ravens to open on Sunday night. The Orioles play at home during the day Sunday and at night Monday.

Unless this issue is resolved -- it would likely take the Orioles being compensated for the loss of ticket sales -- the Ravens will probably have to go on the road to open the season. The Ravens' road games this season are at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Denver. My guess is a return trip to Denver to begin the 2013 season.