Are Ravens 'a dream team in the making?'

Sometimes fans get overexcited about offseason signings. Apparently players do as well.

Hours after the Baltimore Ravens added pass-rusher Elvis Dumervil, defensive lineman Arthur Jones told The Baltimore Sun: "That's awesome. It's like a dream team in the making."

Hold on, Art. Getting Dumervil is the best move the Ravens have made this season and it's the most significant move in the AFC North this offseason. But this isn't a "dream team in the making." It's not even close.

This offseason, the Super Bowl champions have parted ways with nearly half of their defense as well as their leading receiver. If anything, the addition of Dumervil ends a nightmarish start to free agency. That's all. Baltimore still has just one proven starting inside linebacker (and Jameel McClain isn't cleared medically yet) and one marginal starter at safety (James Ihedigbo). So, it's not time to start getting fitted for next year's rings.

Also, could the NFL have passed the "no dream team proclamation" rule after they did away with the tuck rule? Both are equally annoying. You would think NFL players would have learned how these exaggerated quotes can come back and haunt a team. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles.

Where the Ravens have really improved themselves is in the front seven on defense. If McClain can get cleared from last year's spinal cord injury and Baltimore addresses the other inside linebacker spot in the draft, the Ravens will have a better defensive front, especially after bolstering the line with Chris Canty and Marcus Spears.

But the Ravens aren't becoming another dream team. And, honestly, I'm not sure anyone on the Ravens outside of Jones thinks so.