Mocking the draft with Mel Kiper Jr.

Everybody loves a good mock draft. There's plenty to choose from here on ESPN.com, where we crank them out on a routine basis. But what if you could alter them yourself? That's where Mel Kiper Jr. enters with his state-of-the-art draft tool.

This interactive feature allows you to change one facet of the mock draft and see how it affects the rest of the first round.

For example, for the Browns, you can put in a scenario where Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah and Dee Milliner are all off the board in the first five picks. Who do the Browns select at No. 6? Using Kiper's draft tool, Cleveland would select guard Chance Warmack.

For the Steelers at No. 17, you can change their pick from tight end Tyler Eifert to wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, which alters the bottom half of the first round. As a result, the Bengals now select safety John Cyprien at No. 21 and the Ravens take tight end Zach Ertz at No. 32.

And, under the scenario in which the Chiefs make quarterback Geno Smith the first overall pick, the Browns draft Jordan, the Steelers happily grab wide receiver Tavon Austin, the Bengals select Cyprien and the Ravens end up with Ertz.

Have fun and happy mocking.