Chat Rewind: Rookies, McClain and Big Ben

Here are some highlights from Wednesday's AFC North weekly chat:

  • Steve (Milwaukee): John Simon, a fourth-round pick for the Ravens, is an incredible player with great intangibles but dropped in the draft due to measureables (too short for a DE, too big for an LB). Where do you see him fitting into Baltimore's scheme and how much playing time would you expect him to see this year?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Simon will only get on the field for special teams this year. The Ravens are two-deep at both outside linebacker spots with Suggs-McPhee at rush linebacker and Dumervil-Upshaw on the right side. I still think Simon has a future in this league.

  • WarIsHell (Pennsylvania): Can you explain why you think Jarvis Jones has little to no upside?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): That was the assessment of Steve Muench of Scouts, Inc., who breaks down more film than any of us. Until I get to see Jones on a regular basis, I trust Muench's assessment that Jones may have maxed out and Mingo is just scratching the surface. I have never considered myself on the same level as the draft experts at ESPN.

  • Drake (Kentucky): Which current NFL player do you compare Bengals first round pick Tyler Eifert to?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I have heard a more athletic Heath Miller. I also saw someone compare him to Greg Olsen.

  • Will (Cove City, NC): Jamison, love the work. What can Steelers fan realistically expect from this year's crop of rookies? Jarvis Jones for Defensive Rookie of the Year?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Jones is my favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. I believe Le'Veon Bell will be the starting running back for the Steelers. It may not be the season opener but he'll have that job by October. Third-round WR Markus Wheaton has a chance to be the No. 3 WR by season's end.

  • Tim (Cleveland): What can we expect from Browns running back Trent Richardson this year?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Top-10 rusher this year if he remains healthy.

  • Joe (Baltimore): What do think the Ravens will do with Rolando McClain? And what will the Ravens do with No. 2 wide receiver: is it trade or is he on our roster?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): If the Ravens keep McClain past his July court date, it looks like they will hold onto him until they feel that Arthur Brown can start. As far as the No. 2 WR, it looks like Jacoby Jones and Tandon Doss are the front-runners right now.

  • Chet (Dayton): Hello Jamison, I enjoy the blog. Last year ,Cincy drafted a second round lineman who some projected to be a first rounder in Devin Still. What do you think his role will be in the rotation this season?

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Still will be the top backup for Geno Atkins. He's the reason why Pat Sims was no longer needed.

  • Tyson (Newark, Ohio): Please tell my crazy biased Bengals fan friend that Big Ben is not out of his prime. This dude truly thinks Ben is done, has only been average and has two years, tops, left of his career; injury or no injury. He feels Landry Jones was drafted take over as the starter. I feel like Ben is in his prime, and free from injury, there is no need to think he can't play until he is 35-37 range.

  • Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Roethlisberger is definitely in his prime. He threw 17 touchdowns and four interceptions in the first nine games before getting injured. It's optimistic to think he will last as long as Peyton Manning considering the amount of hits he's taken. But Roethlisberger is far from done.