Former teammates discuss Henry's passing

As the news of Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry's passing makes its way around the NFL, more people who knew Henry are starting to chime in.

Here are two reactions from Henry's former teammates, defensive lineman Justin Smith and linebacker Ahmad Brooks, who currently play for the San Francisco 49ers:

Justin Smith

"It’s sad. He was a talented guy. When I played with him he was a good guy, quiet in the locker room. He kept to himself for the most part. From everything that it sounded like, he was getting back on track and this happens. My feelings go out to him and his family."

Ahmad Brooks

"I was sad to hear. You hate to see somebody go. He was a good guy. We’ve all made bad decisions throughout our life, but he grew from it, he learned from it and he had a family, so I’m definitely sad to hear that happen. I knew him very well. I’m just sad to hear that and I’ll pray for him, I’ll pray for everybody."