Ravens, Steelers to gain more cap room

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers rank among the teams with the least amount of salary-cap space in the NFL, but both will gain a little extra room Saturday. That's when the post-June 1 cuts kick in.

The Ravens will receive $2 million in salary cap space from safety Bernard Pollard (who was cut March 13), and the Steelers get $5.5 million from guard Willie Colon (who was released March 13). By designating them as June 1 cuts, the teams spread the cap hit over two years instead of one.

That allows them to get more cap room this year, but Pollard ($1.5 million in dead money in 2014) and Colon ($4.3 million) will count against the teams' salary cap next season. If they hadn't received the June designations, the Ravens would have received $1 million in cap space this year from Pollard and the Steelers would have freed up $1.2 million from Colon. But both players would have been off the books for 2014.

The Steelers, who currently have a little over $90,000 in cap room, will be able to finish signing their draft picks with the additional cap savings. Pittsburgh's top two picks, linebacker Jarvis Jones and running back Le'Veon Bell, are the only two from its draft class who remain unsigned.

The Ravens, who are $1.764 million under the cap, also have two unsigned draft picks in safety Matt Elam (first round) and defensive tackle Brandon Williams (third round).

While the Ravens and Steelers have little cap room, the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals rank near the top of the NFL with the most. The Browns are $31 million under the cap, and the Bengals have $20 million in cap space.