Josh Gordon taking heat from Browns fans

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon's bad judgment surfaced once again this offseason. Two weeks after the NFL announced Gordon had been suspended for two games, he decided to wage a Twitter war with Cleveland fans.

After the Miami Heat won its second straight NBA championship, Gordon posted this on Twitter:

Earlier in the night, Gordon riled up fans in Cleveland, where LeBron James is Public Enemy No. 1, by posting on Twitter: "The haters creeping back into the couches right now.. #HeatNation"

Gordon can root for whatever NBA team he wants. He signed with the Cleveland Browns, not Cavaliers. And athletes aren't going to look at LeBron James like someone from the Dawg Pound. Players are going to support another's right in free agency to go where he desires. To be honest, Gordon certainly isn't in the wrong to cheer for James.

Where Gordon erred was his handling of the situation. He seemed to enjoy antagonizing the same fan base that buys the tickets which helps pay for his salary -- well, excluding the four weeks of pay checks the NFL will take from him for violating the substance abuse policy. This is why you have to seriously question Gordon's decision-making. When you already made a mistake this offseason, you should do everything in your power to endear yourself to fans and not taunt them.

Gordon wasn't the only Browns player who publicly showed support for James, who famously took his talents from Cleveland to South Beach three years ago. Defensive tackle Phil Taylor put this on Twitter: "Goodnight! Imma still love Cleveland when I wake up. #GoBrowns"

But it was Gordon who took the brunt of the criticism. Former Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley, a native of Cleveland, called out Gordon with a series of tweets, including:

Immaturity has long been a problem for Gordon, who failed three drug tests in college. The Browns took a chance on him by selecting him in the second round of last year's supplemental draft. But that was the old regime. The new one doesn't have any ties to him. New general manager Mike Lombardi once labeled Gordon a "waste" of a supplemental draft choice when he was an analyst with the NFL Network. Gordon's actions this offseason won't do much to put him in the team's -- or city's -- good graces.