Wake-up: Pierce unhurt in carjacking

Three weeks after Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in an attempted carjacking, another AFC North player was the victim of a similar crime. Read about this and more in today's wake-up call ...

RAVENS: Backup running back Bernard Pierce was not hurt after being robbed at gunpoint and carjacked Sunday night in Philadelphia, his mother told CBS 3 in Philadelphia. “First of all, I thank God that he’s fine. I don’t care whatever he lost — his car, whatever was in there. He’s fine,” Pierce's mother said. “I think he was targeted because people knew who he was, and that’s sad.” Sources told the television station that a gunman jumped from a car while his accomplice remained behind the wheel and robbed Pierce and his male companion, then stole Pierce's BMW sports utility vehicle. The car was ultimately recovered in another part of the city, and no arrests have been made in the case.

BENGALS: Cornerback Adam Jones talked about accountability in front of the NFL Rookie Symposium less than three weeks after being charged with assault. He also spoke about how he has to keep working at it. "I'm an emotional person. Things happen so quick. I've got things I've got to work on and that’s one of them," Jones told the team's official website. "I don't like confrontation, but when I'm around confrontation and physically touched, there are some things I have to work on as a person that don't come overnight. I've changed, but I've never said I'm a god. I'll keep working, keep my nose clean like it's been clean, and keep my head down."

STEELERS: Safety Will Allen, who spent three seasons in Pittsburgh, wants to bring the Steelers mindset to the Dallas Cowboys. “The first thing Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor and those guys said to me, when I walked into the defensive back room, was if you don’t stick your face in the thing, you can’t be on this defense,” Allen told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “If you aren’t ready to hit — we don’t care about interceptions — if you aren’t ready to hit, we don’t need you. That’s a mentality. If you aren’t trying to hit, you can forget about it.” The Steelers didn't re-sign Allen, who started seven games last season, and drafted safety Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round.

BROWNS: Browns rookie defensive end Armonty Bryant acknowledged to The Plain Dealer that he has a a substance abuse problem and is working to remain sober. "Deep down inside I know that it’s what I really need to do," he said. "Just being here, I just feel like I don’t want to do it anymore. I just want to give that up." Bryant was arrested on a drunk-driving charge less than a week after being drafted in the seventh round by the Browns. That incident comes eight months after Bryant was arrested for selling marijuana to an undercover police officer.