More Jaworski on Flacco, Weeden

ESPN's Ron Jaworski conducted a SportsNation chat to talk about his 2013 NFL quarterback rankings. He followed up on his rankings for the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco (No. 4) and the Cleveland Browns' Brandon Weeden (No. 26).

Mac (Connecticut): Have always enjoyed your analysis of the QB position. But Flacco over Drew Brees seems off to me.

Ron Jaworski: Certainly anyone is entitled to their own opinion. Flacco was clutch down the stretch last year, made the right play at the right time. Brees is an elite QB as he's shown in the past, but last season Flacco came up huge.

Nathan (Virginia): Hi Ron, 2012 was very good to starting rookie quarterbacks. Which of them, if any, do you think might hit that dreaded sophomore slump?

Ron Jaworski: None of them. I was very impressed with all five rookie QBs last season. I saw so many things that showed me they won't slip this season. I was really impressed with the play of Ryan Tannehill and Weeden, the two guys that you didn't hear much about because they didn't make the playoffs. Through film and analysis, all of these guys made me think that they won't slump this season.