Wake-up: Whitworth continues to sit out

One week from today, the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens will play their preseason openers. I'm not a big fan of the preseason, but this is just another sign that the regular season is getting closer. As for what's happening today, let's check out your wake-up call ...

RAVENS: The Ravens haven't had a defensive lineman as imposing as Chris Canty, who stands 6-foot-7, since Trevor Pryce was on the roster. "It's pretty cool because you just kind of play off of him because he's so long," defensive tackle Haloti Ngata told The Baltimore Sun. "It's fun to watch him because he just stands up and blocks balls. I have to jump up to block balls. He's a great athlete."

BENGALS: Left tackle Andrew Whitworth missed his third straight practice of training camp because he is trying to give his knee more time to strengthen, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. Whitworth had surgery in late February to remove scar tissue from the knee, which had been hampering him the past couple of seasons. It is anticipated that he will be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Chicago. “The thing you can’t simulate is football. It’s getting out there and doing football, and with something like this -- it’s a tendon -- it has to do something and adjust and then do a little more and then adjust. That’s what we will do,” Whitworth said. “It’s just like anything else, you have to develop the strength in it. This is kind of the first step in football. We’ll progress through that.”

STEELERS: Outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley believes one reason he had only four sacks last season, which tied a career low, was because of the Steelers' scheme on defense. "I felt I dropped back a lot last year in coverage," Woodley told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before adding, "They pay me to rush. Hopefully, I'll be rushing and not covering receivers and tight ends down the field."

BROWNS: It took a while for Jim Brown to get in running back Trent Richardson's corner. Richardson, though, has another fan who has Hall of Fame credentials -- Marshall Faulk. "It's in him to be great. He wants it," Faulk told Cleveland reporters while visiting Browns training camp. "You saw it in college. It's the reason that in a league that they're starting to kind of devalue the position, he gets drafted so early. He's never shied away from asking questions or letting you know what he don't know because he understands that the things that you don't know when you find them out, it makes it easier to become great."