Ranking AFC North teams' uniforms

Our friends at Uni Watch released their power rankings on the best threads in the NFL. The AFC North didn't stack up very well. Only one team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) ranked in the top 15. You can record your rankings by clicking right here. Here's where Uni Watch had the AFC North teams:

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last year: No. 3

Uni Watch: Love the way those gold pants work equally well with the black jersey and the white jersey. The Steelers are also the only NFL team with a logo on just one side of the helmet, a quirk that scores a few points in the intangibles column.

My comment: The Black and Gold is one of those iconic color combinations that ranks up there with the Raiders and Packers. Their traditional jerseys look even better after watching the Steelers wear those throwback ones.

16. Cleveland Browns

Last year: No. 16

Uni Watch: There had been talk about the team getting new uniforms for 2014, but now that plan has been bumped back to 2015. Anyone want to take bets on the plan being postponed yet again and then being shelved indefinitely?

My comment: While the Browns' uniforms are too plain for some, I like the classic, old school feel about them, especially the helmet with no logo. The brown jerseys are the team's best look.

24. Baltimore Ravens

Last year: No. 24

Uni Watch: Worst-looking Super Bowl champs since, um, the last time this team won the Super Bowl a dozen years earlier (although it's nice that they've dropped the neck roll).

My comment: I've never had a problem with the current Ravens' uniforms, and this version is a huge improvement from the ones they sported in their early days, which featured that huge white stripe down the side of the black pants. The team's alternate black jersey with white pants is a sharp look.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

Last year: No. 32

Uni Watch: There's a fine line between uniform and costume, and the Bengals have been on the wrong side of it for years now. The fact that they wear Halloween colors just reinforces the point.

My comment: I would never try to argue that the Bengals have the best uniforms in the NFL. But I do like them better than the Rams and Seahawks, two teams ranked No. 21 and No. 22, respectively. At least the Bengals aren't the worst-ranked uniform like last season, so I guess that's progress.