Browns links: Reaction to surprise shakeup

Here's what local reporters are saying about the Cleveland Browns' major changes on offense:

  • The Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto believes it's painful to lose Trent Richardson, but he would deal the running back. "I make the trade knowing fans will hate it," Pluto wrote. "I make the trade knowing the coaching staff has been assigned to a job harder than swimming from Key West to Cuba with 50-pound weights on each leg. I make the trade because I know that Richardson is not a big-time running back."

  • Richardson looked as ordinary as Jim Brown predicted, The Plain Dealer's Bill Livingston noted. "He was not explosive," Livingston wrote. "He had become a stutter-stepper this season, indecisive about hitting a hole, any hole. Often enough, none was there, but often enough too he didn't give the play a chance either."

  • Tony Grossi, of ESPN Radio in Cleveland, points out that general manager Mike Lombardi was around in 1993 when coach Bill Belichick made a controversial move -- releasing popular quarterback Bernie Kosar -- and the Browns won a playoff game a year later. “I really can’t get into a critique of what’s happened in the past,” CEO Joe Banner said. “I’m aware enough of it to totally understand the emotions the fans are experiencing. All we can do is make the best decisions to make the team the best it can be and sustain success.”

  • The Browns’ Dec. 1 home game against Jacksonville might become the (Teddy) Bridgewater Bowl, according to The Akron Beacon Journal's Marla Ridenour.

  • The Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto is fine with the Browns' decision to start Brian Hoyer over Jason Campbell. "But here's why it makes sense to start Hoyer -- he's not Campbell," Pluto wrote. "At the age of 31, we know that Campbell is a career backup because he has started 71 games. In that time, he has proved that some years he is … well … OK."

  • Coach Rob Chudzinski won't commit to injured quarterback Brandon Weeden starting again, according to The Akron Beacon Journal. “I’m going to leave all the options open,” Chudzinski said. “Really, it’s a matter of where he’s at from a health standpoint and all that plays into it and where we’re at and how guys are playing as well.”

  • Vic Carucci, of the team's official website, thinks the choice to start Hoyer was based on his quick decisions and throws.

  • Wide receiver Greg Little, who has dropped passes on the field and has gotten traffic violations off of it, has been benched in favor of Davone Bess. Here is the article from The Akron Beacon Journal.

  • Vikings running back Adrian Peterson believes Browns fans might still regret passing on him with the No. 3 selection in the 2007 draft. “It’s been too long now -- that ship has sailed,” Peterson said in a conference call, via The Plain Dealer. “If anything, they are probably more upset than I am still to this day ... I could have been there. Things worked out perfectly.” The Browns selected six-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Joe Thomas at No. 3, so they didn't do too bad.