Flacco is anti-Brady in handling his receivers

The Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco and New England Patriots' Tom Brady are in similar situations. They're two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks who had their top target taken away and are left with receivers who are dropping the ball.

Brady has been visibly frustrated by the situation was shown on national television shouting at his young teammates. Flacco has taken a different tact.

"Game day is not the time to go and beat somebody’s confidence up," Flacco said. "The thing our guys need is confidence. If anything, they need me to sit down with them and say, ‘Man, you’ve got a ton of ability. Just go out there and let it go.’ Sunday is the time to go out there and let all of your ability take over [and] not think about a single thing because all of the preparation we’ve done during the week has taken care of that. That’s the biggest thing these guys need to know is just go and let your ability take over."

According to Pro Football Focus, Flacco has had the same amount of dropped passes (seven) as Brady. Only Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford have had more passes dropped on them.

Here's the breakdown of dropped passes for the Ravens: tight end Ed Dickson (three, which leads all NFL tight ends), wide receiver Marlon Brown (two including one off his fingertips in the end zone Sunday), tight end Dallas Clark (one, which came at the goal line in Denver) and Brandon Stokley (one).

"All of these guys catch the ball unbelievably [well]," Flacco said. "That’s why they’re playing for us; that’s why they’re in this league. Now, during the week, if stuff like that is happening, then yeah, you get pissed off here and there. But the last place to go up and point fingers is on Sunday. That’s my teammate. That’s the guy that we have out there in the huddle with us, and I have all the confidence in the world in him."

Flacco said, "And I’m going to continue to have all the confidence in the world in them, because if I write somebody off, I’m going to be throwing to guys who are probably double- or triple-covered, because I’m not going to the right place with the ball. So, I’m going to continue to go where I think the ball needs to go, and I’m going to continue to have confidence in our guys making catches. Eventually, we’re all going to make the plays. We’ve done it before, and we’re going to continue to do it.”