Hairy promotion to raise awareness for vets

PITTSBURGH -- The most famous mane in the NFL is getting a trim as Troy Polamalu is leveraging his locks -- well, one of them anyway -- to raise awareness for veterans.

Polamalu and his wife, Theoora, have long been advocates for veterans, and it is pretty cool what the Pittsburgh Steelers' strong safety will do on Veterans Day.

Polamalu is getting a lock of his hair cut on Nov. 11, and the combined number of snips as well as how much is cut incorporates his number with the Steelers as well as the U.S. military.

Polamalu had to explain this twice to me as I showed him my unique ability to turn simple arithmetic into something as difficult as calculus.

But here is the breakdown: Four cuts will be made to represent the branches of the military. The three inches that will be taken off with each snip produces the No. 43. And the 12 total inches that are removed is significant because it has been 12 years since 9/11.

Polamalu is doing this in conjunction with Veterans of Foreign Wars, a group he and his wife have worked with for a year.

“They do so much,” Polamalu said.

Polamalu said he and VFW came up with the idea of a trim together. The VFW is taking it a step further by encouraging all American to get a haircut that day and raise awareness to the plight of veterans.

Polamalu has become as famous for his Head & Shoulders commercials as he is for the highlight reel plays he makes on a regular basis. Those won’t stop since the cut he is getting is more symbolic than it is a new look for Polamalu.

When asked jokingly if Head & Shoulders signed off on the promotion, Polamalu laughed.

“For sure,” he said. “They had to.”