Video: Lewis questions Ravens' leadership

For the second time this month, Ray Lewis questioned the lack of leadership on his former team. His latest criticism came after the incident where wide receiver Jacoby Jones was involved in a brawl on a party bus early Monday morning.

"This is something that we spoke about earlier in the year when we talk about the transition of losing so many guys, a guy like myself and Ed Reed and other guys that are based off leadership," Lewis said. "Because I've said it earlier: 'Where would the leadership come from?' Because the leadership being strong in the locker room and winning games, listen talent sometimes can win you games. But when you talk about what's going on off the field, that's the most important place where leadership steps up."

Lewis added, "When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they're missing leadership right now. When you have an incident like [late Sunday] night, the first thing a leader is going to do is find some way to dissolve everything that's going on -- and actually dissolve it before it comes to that type of head or even gets to this point. When you talk about the Baltimore Ravens, they're going to have to refocus and find some quick leaders in that locker room very quickly."

It should be pointed out that the party bus was organized by offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, who was signed by the Ravens a couple of years ago after Lewis and Reed had vouched for him. I agree with Lewis that the leaders in the Ravens locker room have to make it clear that a similar incident like this can't happen again.

But it's impossible for the Ravens' new leaders like Terrell Suggs and Joe Flacco can police everyone on a 53-man roster. Lewis wasn't always able to keep every player in check during his 17 years with the team. It was during Lewis' watch when cornerback Chris McAlister had his off-field problems.

This incident with Jones and McKinnie is just one incident, albeit a very embarrassing one for the organization. How many party bus references did Ravens fans see on Facebook today? If mistakes like these are repeated, then it's fair game to say the Ravens miss the leadership of Lewis and Reed.

You can click on the video above to hear Lewis address the Ravens' leadership issue. Lewis also talked about the Ravens' leadership void before the team's game against the Cleveland Browns.