Weeden doesn't know other famous flipper

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden did not know the name Garo Yapremian. Which indicates he hasn’t watched many old NFL Films.

Or maybe he doesn’t want to know. Because Yapremian’s attempted pass after a botched field goal attempt in the Miami Dolphins' perfect season of 1972 lives in NFL history. Weeden’s attempted backhand/underhand pass in Sunday’s loss to the Lions might live as well.

Weeden says the pass is behind him. But he revealed some hints about his psyche when it was brought to his attention that there is growing unrest about his future after 18 NFL starts.

“I don’t know many other guys who are having to go through that situation,” Weeden said before quickly adding it’s also part of playing the position.

He said he no longer pays attention to social media, which he said “is turning into a joke." He and his wife Melanie no longer check their Twitter accounts.

“I’d like to say that I’m mature enough to not listen to what a seven-year-old kid has to tell me [about] how to play quarterback,” Weeden said.

OK then.

He also said the play -- which led to one Browns fan to post an ad on craigslist seeking a quarterback -- did not make him lose any sleep.

“But it stung at the time,” he said.

Whether it kept fans awake for some time is up for debate.

Weeden’s statements show where he resides in the NFL hierarchy. He’s an excellent guy, works hard and cares deeply. But he’s in a position where the pressure is ratcheted up daily, and where he has been given little time to prove he deserves more.

His age -- he turned 30 on Monday -- and a regime change work against him.

“When you play the quarterback position at any level, those are the questions you got to answer,” he said. “Winning is a cure all. If you can win games, that cures everything.

“I need to do my part.”

He’s scored three points in the second half of three starts, and lost all three. And though he said he lost no sleep about the flip, he has no desire to watch it too many more times.

“It’ll probably always sting,” he said. “If I watch that game it’ll bring back memories. It all happened so fast, like I said Sunday night. You got to move on from it. You got to be positive. Got to be more consistent.

“It can’t happen. It can’t happen again.”

Weeden also promised that he was focused on the next game, in Green Bay.

Consider that Yapremian can look back at his pass and smile -- the Dolphins went on to win and finish the league’s only undefeated season.