Rob Chudzinski ponders QB change

The Cleveland Browns signed Jason Campbell in the offseason so he could be a backup to Brandon Weeden.

The team had examined its options and found few clearly better than committing to Weeden and seeing what it had.

Campbell was signed in case Weeden proved he was not up to the job.

Seven games into the season, the Browns might have come to a breaking point. Coach Rob Chudzinski said he and his staff would ponder what to do about the quarterback -- and every position. No decision has been made, something the Browns were careful to point out, but it will be discussed.

There are many reasons why the team finds itself in this spot -- and no, not all of them are Weeden.

But production matters, and Weeden has been very inefficient his past two games. Thrown into the Buffalo game after the injury to Brian Hoyer, Weeden came up with some throws. Given two weeks to prepare and think about things, he's struggled.

Many numbers could underscore his issues, but the biggest one is that the Browns have been outscored 55-13 the past six quarters.

Weeden's receivers have dropped passes. They haven't fought for passes. They've looked lax and even angry. They've been curt after games (all with the exception of Jordan Cameron). His first two starts he didn't have Josh Gordon. Weeden had him Sunday in Green Bay, where the Packers were without three of their four starting linebackers. Yet he threw 42 times for just 149 yards.

The bottom line is that the offense isn't doing much of anything with Weeden playing, and the Browns are 0-4 in his starts this season.

If the Browns do make the switch to Campbell, that might well spell the end of Weeden in Cleveland.

Losing your job to injury because the backup plays well is one thing. Regaining it when the backup is injured and losing it yet again because of performance is a completely different issue.

It would be very tough for the coaches and the team to go back to a player they've given chances to but who did not come through -- especially at such a key position.

The ramifications are significant, for the present and the future.

But the Browns' front office has never seemed totally committed to Weeden. It inherited this choice from the previous regime, and whether Weeden or the team admits it, he had a tough climb to prove himself after the ownership change.

The Browns no doubt will announce their decision on Wednesday. Chudzinski said he gave no thought to making a move during the loss to Green Bay. Asked if Campbell could provide the same kind of spark that Hoyer provided before his season-ending knee injury, Chudzinski said: "It's difficult to say."

The team clearly had some issue with Campbell, though it never said why. Most speculation had centered on Campbell coming down with flu symptoms prior to the final preseason game. Then when he relieved an injured Weeden in Baltimore, he did not play well.

That the Browns would even consider a change given they passed Campbell over twice -- when Weeden was hurt and when Hoyer was hurt -- shows the state of things.

The instant analysis points to a change, the thinking being that Chudzinski wouldn't say he was pondering one if a change wasn't likely. But nothing has been decided. Yet.

“I’m just looking for the guy," Chudzinski said, "that gives us the best chance to win -- at all positions.”