Weeden wants to stay with the Browns

Brandon Weeden met the oh-so-jovial and friendly Cleveland media today, and conceded it’s tough to lose his job to Jason Campbell.

“This is not the situation I want, or any competitor wants,” he said. “Having said that I’m going to support Jason just like he supported me.”

There was more. Obviously. And Weeden did not hide from responsibility, nor did he say he wants out of Cleveland. In fact, Weeden said he’s hoping for another chance and he hopes it’s with the Browns in Cleveland.

“I love this town,” he said.

The rest of the interview went this way …

On what happened: “We didn’t win any games, I don’t know. We didn’t play well. I don’t know how else to put it. Didn’t get it done.”

On whether the decision was warranted: “Those decisions are out of my control. Those are decisions that are made way above our heads. As a player you got to go with the decision and be a good team player. I’m a team guy. I want this team to win on Sunday. I’m going to be ready if asked and called on.”

On what he wishes he had done differently: “Played better. Pretty simple.”

On the upcoming trade deadline: “I’ve been traded before [in minor league baseball] and those things are way out my control. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t see the future.”

On whether he’ll get another chance with the Browns: “I hope so. I hope so. You never know. This league’s crazy. Whether it’s this Sunday, four Sundays down the road, or the end of December, I’ll be ready.”

On if he’d like to be with the Browns into the future: “Absolutely. I love it here. I think this team’s on the rise. I’m excited about the group we have.”

On why he decided to speak to the media: “I wasn’t going to hide from you guys and sulk and all that. I’m going to confront the situation head-on. I think that’s the right way to do it, I think that’s the professional way to do it.”