Take your pick: AFC North vs. NFC East

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

We have our first-ever double feature with this week's version of "Take your pick" in the AFC North.

On one side, we have a huge marquee matchup between the Dallas Cowboys (8-4) at the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3). And on the other side, we have another great battle with the Washington Redskins (7-5) traveling to play the Baltimore Ravens (8-4).

Two great games. Two tough choices with major playoff implications.

So regardless of what club you're a fan of, take your pick in both games. Heck, even NFC East blogger Matt Mosley has an open invitation to bring his army into our community this week to provide their opinions.

But first we must warn you. New England Patriots fans tried their hardest to invade our AFC North community last week, and we don't see or hear from them any longer.

So get familiar, NFC East fans. The AFC North blog has the best NFL fans in the country.

Tiptoe around these parts and you might get "Wes Welkered!"