Notes from Holmgren's news conference

BEREA, Ohio -- New Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren held his first conference call with the local media.

Here are some of the key points and highlights:

  • Holmgren said he hasn't made any decisions on the future of head coach Eric Mangini. The two will meet next week and a decision will come following that meeting. Holmgren hinted that he's not a fan of the "quick hook" after one year, but he will make the best move for the organization. Mangini is helping his case after winning three straight games. "I think it would be really unfair," Holmgren said of currently making a decision. "He's at the end of finishing his first season there. The team is doing well and clearly responding to him."

  • The Browns signed Holmgren to a five-year contract. Holmgren's job admittedly "has final say on everything." But Holmgren will hire a general manager and not coach the team next year, although he didn't completely rule out coaching in the future. Holmgren is in the process of putting together a list of GM candidates and said Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie could be on that wish list.

  • The West Coast offense and 4-3 defense have been strong staples in Holmgren's coaching career. The Browns do not run either system. Holmgren said he will have a strong influence in that department, particularly as it pertains to offense. "I’m going to try and help the organization from a different angle, if you will," Holmgren said. "Having said that, I do believe in what we did, and I think I'm pretty good at it. I was a pretty decent coach, and I came from a system that I understand and a system that's been proven in the league."

  • Holmgren will meet again with the Cleveland media next week, once the 2009 season is complete and he also meets with many the figures inside the building.