Bolstering the case for Joe Haden

Not that it’s needed, but here’s one more argument to buttress the case that Joe Haden is playing outstanding football, and it comes through ESPN Stats & Information.

The Cleveland Browns have played 10 games this season, and they acknowledge Haden has covered the other team’s best receiver.

Based on practical assessment, those would be A.J. Green twice, Torrey Smith twice, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Calvin Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe.

In the 10 games, those players had 6.8 passes thrown their way. They made 3.6 catches, for 37.2 yards with a single touchdown (to Nelson).

As a whole, that groups averages 9.0 targets, 5.1 catches and 77.1 yards with 35 touchdowns against the rest of the league.

Haden limits the best group of receivers the Browns have faced to 25 percent fewer targets, almost 30 percent fewer yards and 20 percent fewer touchowns.

N’est-ce pas, les Pro Bowl voteur?