Browns' QB situation remains uncertain

The Cleveland Browns' quarterback situation remains your basic mess.

Which is not quite the word coach Rob Chudzinski used when describing how any of four players could start Sunday against the New England Patriots.

He called it “unique” and “very fluid” and said that “all options” remain on the table.

Not even the Browns in their wacky history have faced this kind of confusing situation -- the Wednesday before a road game the identity of the quarterback is a coin toss.

The starter could be one of four players: Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, Alex Tanney and Caleb Hanie.

Campbell and Weeden are recovering from concussions and have been cleared for activity, but not to practice.

If one had to guess, it would seem that Campbell is closer than Weeden if only because he’s had longer to recover. He received his concussion on Nov. 24 against Pittsburgh, while Weeden was concussed three days ago against Jacksonville.

That leaves Tanney and Hanie to share first-team reps in practice today. Tanney was signed eight days ago, Hanie on Tuesday.

“One week you’re having Thanksgiving dinner with your family, the next you’re playing for the Cleveland Browns,” Hanie said.

Hanie couldn’t even say how things might go for him. “It’s my first practice in a few months,” he said.

Tanney and Hanie both talked confidently, of course. What else could do they do? Looking back nobody expected a lot from Brian Hoyer when he started, but he had the advantage of a training camp with the team.

Tanney and Hanie will have less than two weeks.

“It’s a crazy league,” Hanie said.

Tanney has yet to throw a pass in an NFL game. Hanie has thrown 110 passes, completed 50.9 percent with three touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Chudzinski couldn’t even say who would start if both Weeden and Campbell are cleared. It would depend on how much the more experienced guys practice, how the new guys look in practice and how the injured players return from the concussion.

Chudzinski said he could wait until Friday, or even right up until game time Sunday to make a decision.

"I'm going to leave all options open," Chudzinski said.