Turner admits QB situation is a 'challenge'

Norv Turner probably thought he had seen it all when his starting quarterback in Washington, Gus Frerotte, sprained his neck by head-butting a wall after a touchdown.

But in this, his first season as the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, Turner has dealt with a lot of unusual situations.

He’s used a different word each week for some element of the Browns' offense.

He’s discussed the run game as something that needs to be managed, and said the situation with the backs he has has been different.

Now he’s talking about not knowing the Browns quarterback with a game three days away.

“It’s a challenge,” Turner said.

That’s one word for it.

If Jason Campbell does not recover in time for Sunday’s game, the Browns appear headed to starting either Alex Tanney or Caleb Hanie, neither of whom have been with the team two weeks.

Either way the Browns could be making their fifth quarterback change this season, and perhaps starting their fourth different quarterback.

“There’s a lot of firsts for us this year,” Turner said.

Which kind of sums up the season. The last time the Browns went through four quarterbacks in a season was 2008, when Ken Dorsey played the final three games and Bruce Gradkowski was brought in off the street to start the finale. Gradkowski’s rating in that game: 2.8.

Now Turner works with the Tanney-Hanie combination.

“It’s a challenge,” Turner said. “But it’s not as hard on the coaches as it is on the players.”

Because players have to adjust to different throwing styles, different cadences, different feels from different passers.

If Campbell is back, there is at least some familiarity.

But if he isn’t, well ...