Bowles scheduled to be in Cleveland Friday

One year ago, one of the first coaches the Cleveland Browns interviewed to be the team's head coach was Ray Horton.

Horton was the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals. By all accounts he was an upright, honest guy, and a good coordinator who used a pressure 3-4 defense. He was also a minority, which matters in the NFL, which mandates minority interviews with the Rooney Rule.

One year later the Browns are about to interview another defensive coordinator from the Arizona Cardinals. He is an upright, honest guy, and a good coordinator who used a pressure 3-4. And yes, he also is a minority.

Todd Bowles by almost any account is highly thought of and a good coach. He spent time in Cleveland in the Butch Davis years, then worked in Dallas, Miami and Arizona.

He's respected, a good guy and a good coach.

Much like Horton.

In what could be the first of its kind, Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam are about to follow their interview of a defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals by interviewing another one one year later (assuming the blizzard that hit Cleveland on Thursday doesn't close the airport).

Bowles' positives are similar to Horton's, though he might not be as up-front with the media as Horton was. But he's a hard-worker, knows the game and has learned under some good people -- including Bill Parcells.

Bowles will be the second coach to interview. The Browns started on the defensive side of the ball by talking first to Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels interviews Saturday.

McDaniels would seem to be the frontrunner, but some in the league wonder if McDaniels and Banner can co-exist with Banner making final decisions on personnel.

Bowles is a strong candidate and probably deserves a head coaching job.

If it doesn't work out in Cleveland, he will have other options. He has an interview scheduled in Minnesota, and is believed to be interviewing in Detroit as well.