NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Ravens

When it comes to players who have yet to reach a Super Bowl, the likes of Adrian Peterson and Tony Gonzalez top the list. Who do most want to see in one? According to an ESPN survey of 320 players, that honor goes to Peterson, but not by much.

Peterson received 59 votes, three more than Gonzalez. They combined for over one-third of all the votes, and no one else picked up more than 26 votes.

In terms of the Ravens, the easy choice is inside linebacker Daryl Smith. He is a no-nonsense hard worker who regularly records more than 100 tackles and doesn't receive much notoriety for it.

Smith, 31, just completed his 10th NFL season and has one playoff win to show for it. The closest he ever got to a Super Bowl was the divisional round in January 2007. He hasn't played for a team that finished with a winning record for the past six seasons.

Not surprisingly, Smith was the only Raven to pick up any votes. He received two votes and was among the 32 players who got multiple votes.