The next big thing: Browns

The next big thing for the Cleveland Browns is the same, old thing it’s been for what seems like a generation: They need a coach and they need a quarterback.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The Browns were the first team to fire their coach once the season ended, and they are the last to hire. At some point they have to settle on a guy, but that time might not be until after the Super Bowl if the team chooses to interview Adam Gase or hire Dan Quinn. The Browns call this search methodical. Some of their fans call it maddening.

Waiting to hire a coach is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean the Browns won’t find a good coach. But they can’t really decide on a clear direction in terms of player acquisition and scouting until they know the direction the new coach wants to take the offense.

Once the coach and the systems are in place, the hard word begins to (again) try to improve a 12-loss team.