Poll results: Ravens' pay cut targets

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2011. Two seasons later, readers of the Ravens blog want him to take a pay cut.

According to a SportsNation poll, 41 percent of voters believe Suggs should be the first player to reduce his salary. Suggs is scheduled to make $7.8 million in 2014, the final year of his contract.

Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata finished second on the poll with 30 percent and running back Ray Rice was third with 20 percent. Trailing far behind them were cornerback Lardarius Webb (7 percent) and guard Marshal Yanda (2 percent).

Here are selected comments from readers:

Chris (Winston-Salem, N.C.): In all honestly, both Suggs and Ngata should be taking pay cuts to pad the salary cap number. Neither of them lived up to their financial number this season. However, I voted for Suggs because Ngata's lackluster numbers could be attributed to attracting more blockers freeing up Suggs and Elvis Dumervil to put pressure on the opposing team's quarterback.

CJ (Sykesville, Md.): My vote would be for Suggs. He is great when he's hot but conditioning proved to be an issue again. Pass rushers fetch a good payday in free agency, but other teams may be hesitant. Given that he's on his last contract year, he may also be more amenable to a re-work than Webb or Rice.

Patrick (Putnam Valley, N.Y.): T-Suggs should take a pay cut! The second half of the season he looked more like T-Sluggs. He was slow and pretty much a non-factor. And he's only getting older.

Jimmy (Baltimore): You would have to ask Webb to take a pay cut. He can't be the highest-paid defensive back on the team and a No. 2 cornerback. Jimmy Smith is way better this year, and Webb at times looked like he had no idea what was going on. Oh did I mention Cleveland game? Yeah, I rest my case.

Marco (Fort Worth, Tex.): As crazy as it sounds, Ngata should be the one to take a pay cut. The star defensive lineman has not been a consistent playmaker for back to back seasons, which could be a sign of concern.

Jason (Kailua Kona, Hawaii): Ray Rice is the problem, not the line. If you watch, Rice will get the ball and juke a little. But when defenders are there, he doesn't try to push through. He just dives down.

Chris (Abington, Md.): Ngata with only 1.5 sacks? C'mon man! The middle of the defense was extremely porous during the last few games. I understand his knee was banged up but he's getting older. He's gotta take a pay cut.