Wake-up caw: Gary Kubiak loves tight ends

The Baltimore Ravens don't have any experienced tight ends under contract. It's the thinnest position on the team.

If new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak has his way, the Ravens are going to have "at least" three good tight ends. That's the prediction from The Houston Chronicle's John McClain, who covered all eight of Kubiak's years with the Texans.

"If [Dennis] Pitta is smart, he should re-sign with the Ravens because Kubiak loves to throw to tight ends," McClain told the Ravens' official website. "The tight ends are going to catch a lot of passes and get the ball in the red zone a lot. In 2012, Kubiak ran more two-tight end formations than any team in the league.”

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

  • The Ravens don't have the type of running back -- the one cut-and-go runner -- that excels in Kubiak's system, according to The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston. "Ray Rice likes to stutter step or cut back, which shows he might be too impatient for this offense," Preston wrote. "Backup Bernard Pierce can get outside but he doesn't like the pounding of running inside. He often bounces outside on designated inside runs."

  • Kubiak and coach John Harbaugh have already started discussions about how the terminology in the new system would change. “We’ve gotten pretty specific – not down to the last detail – but pretty specific in some areas about what we want to do,” Harbaugh said, via the team's official website. The Ravens basically used the same "language" on offense with Cam Cameron and Jim Caldwell, the two previous offensive coordinators under Harbaugh.

  • The Cleveland Browns are "zeroing in" on Wilbert Montgomery as their running backs coach, according to Gil Brandt of NFL.com. Montgomery was the Ravens' running backs coach for the past six seasons.