Tabor survives another coaching change

Chris Tabor admitted he was initially shocked when Rob Chudzinski was fired.

But Tabor was immediately in demand. The Cleveland Browns received several requests from other teams to interview the special teams coach. The team did not allow the interviews because Tabor was under contract, and clearly the team did not want him to go anywhere.

“I’m glad that happened,” coach Mike Pettine said. “He’s a quality coach ... His units are well respected throughout the league.”

Tabor initially thought the coaching change might mean change for him as well, but he said he did not want to uproot his family. So when the Browns said no and Pettine kept him, he was pleased.

“I like it here, my family likes it here,” he said. “That’s another dynamic that a lot of people don’t talk about. I grew up in the same house, my mom still lives in the same house, and for myself to give my daughters another opportunity to stay in the same home town, that’s important to me.”

Tabor has now surived the coaching changes from Pat Shurmur to Chudzinski, and from Chudzinski to Pettine. It almost defies all NFL odds.

“I think,” Tabor said, “it says the good Lord is watching over me, to be honest.”