Steelers stay the course with Moore signing

PITTSBURGH -- Jerricho Cotchery leaves for a better deal with the Carolina Panthers and all but takes the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2014 season with him.

That may be overstating the anxiety some Steelers fans felt after Cotchery's departure left the depth chart at wide receiver in worse shape than an NCAA tournament bracket but it's not far off either.

The Steelers moved quickly to fill that void by signing a wideout who is a little younger than Cotchery, has been more productive than Cotchery and is just two seasons removed from a 1,000-yard campaign.

This, folks, is what the Steelers do.

Others panic, they simply stick with their plan, moving deliberately when it comes to filling some holes and swiftly when it comes to others.

The latter is what they did on Friday by signing former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore to a two-year contract.

Moore could be an upgrade over Cotchery, and his signing is a reminder that, to borrow one of coach Mike Tomlin's most well-worn clichés, this isn't the Steelers' first rodeo.

They know how to navigate March, even one as frenzied as this one when money has been tossed around.

They don't try to win news cycles -- or Super Bowls for that matter -- in March, and their steadfastness in following a plan is a result of the stability that is a franchise signature.

The Steelers have so far signed a starting free safety, a mammoth defensive tackle who can provide depth up front and a wide receiver who should figure prominently in the passing game next season and can start if needed.

Remember all of the hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing about how the Steelers would possibly clear enough room under the salary cap to take care of their necessary business? They did so without compromising the core of their team and have since added some key pieces via free agency.

The Steelers still have plenty of work to do as they are thin at a number of positions, including defensive end, running back and cornerback.

But they will fill those needs by staying mindful that while March may be about madness it is also more than six months before the start of the regular season.