Don't count on one guy after trade down

The idea of the Cleveland Browns trading back in the draft is gaining momentum.

If they do, they’d best not do so with one specific player in mind.

That’s the advice of Bill Polian, the former builder of the Bills, Panthers and Colts, who said that a team is not wise to expect one specific player to be available if it trades down.

“I always said this as a general manager, I said it to the coach and the personnel director,” Polian said on ESPN Radio on Tuesday. “‘If we make this deal, are you prepared to lose the guy we want down below?’

“Be prepared for that. It’s going to happen about 90 percent of the time.”

Which are high odds.

And which would indicate that if the Browns really like cornerback Justin Gilbert, they need to have other options. Those presumably would include cornerbacks Kyle Fuller and Jason Verrett, as well as receiver Mike Evans. If quarterbacks Johnny Manziel and/or Blake Bortles were not selected early and were available, they would also have to be in the discussion following a trade down.

Polian emphasized that preparation is essential.

“If you’re going back five spots, you need to have four guys that you’re happy with at that spot,” he said. “If you go back 10 spots, you need to have eight guys you’d be happy with.”