Details on Manziel's rookie contract

More than 80 percent of Johnny Manziel's rookie contract is guaranteed.

The total four-year deal is worth what was expected in the NFL rookie slotting system: $8.247 million. Of that, $6.702 million is guaranteed, which should provide ample opportunity for more "money phone" Manziel videos.

Per Spotrac.com, the deal includes:

  • A signing bonus of $4.318 million

  • A $250,000 roster bonus in 2017

  • Annual salaries of $420,000, $794,875, $1.169 million and $1.294 million

  • His salary cap costs to the Browns each season are $1.499 million, $1.874 million, $2.249 million and $2.624 million

Manziel's NFL money probably will not make up the bulk of his rookie earnings. In March, he signed a multiyear deal with Nike. Though terms were not disclosed, ESPN's Darren Rovell reported it as the most lucrative for an NFL rookie.