Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: July 28

A day-by-day and honest look at Johnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: Better than Sunday, which coach Mike Pettine described generously as “inconsistent.” Manziel seemed more comfortable in the pocket, and with the calls. For whatever reason, he was less hesitant than Sunday, and he drove the ball better. His play still did not match that of starter Brian Hoyer's, but Manziel clearly put a tough day behind him and rebounded to make some throws and run some read-option. The highlight: The Browns ended the day with two-minute drill, with Manziel and Hoyer each receiving two opportunities. Manziel was the only quarterback to score, setting up a six-yard play-action roll-out touchdown throw to fullback Ray Agnew with a nice throw over the middle to Taylor Gabriel.

GOOD THROW: The throw down the middle of the field to Gabriel on the final two-minute drill was not a tight spiral, but it got there and it was accurate. It also was one of a few throws when Manziel stepped into the pass and drove the ball, which was nice to see.

BAD THROW: In 11-on-11 work, Manziel found no one open and scrambled to his left. At one point, he looked behind him -- away from the line of scrimmage. He then tried to sidearm a throw downfield, but rookie linebacker Chris Kirksey intercepted it. It was the kind of play and throw that would have had fans howling if it were Brandon Weeden doing it.

THE WORD: From coach Mike Pettine on the play-by-play process with a rookie quarterback: “You’re going to have some good ones, you’re going to have some bad ones and you hope you can minimize the bad ones.”

START CHART: On a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being Manziel certainly starts the opener Manziel started with a 3, dropped to a 1, and Monday goes back to a 3.