Thought of the Day finale

This year's first "Thought of the Day" asked fans of the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns to all take a look in the mirror.

We want to know what your football resolution is for 2010.

After a lot of introspection from our community, here are some resolutions from our AFC North inbox:

Rachel from Dillsburgh, Pa., writes: I'll find real data to back up my smack talk instead of always leaning back on the "we have six championships" comment. It is pretty lame of me to always fall back on that. I never hear 49ers or Cowboys fans flaunt all their championships...Hmm.

Red McDaniel from Versailles, Ky., writes: JW, my football resolution is not to trash talk the Ravens and Steelers fans as long as they don't dis the Bengals. Even though they won and swept the division and will probably end up winning the Super Bowl, for some reason they'll still dis them and say they just got lucky. But anyway as long as they don't dis the Bengals, I won't trash talk them.

Jon Griffor from Phoenix writes: JW, my New Year’s resolution is to subject my wife to less football. Simply put, I can't get enough football. I watch the pros, college, high school football. When I'm not watching games, I'm watching shows breaking down games. I also coach Pop Warner in central Phoenix and spend the "offseason" going to clinics and seminars. My wife becomes a widow every fall. So that’s my resolution. Wait a minute...now I'm just talking crazy. Maybe I'll just give up cigars or something.

Andy from Troutville, Va., writes: My resolution is to picket outside the local video game store if another Steeler is ever on the cover of “Madden Football” again.

Brenden Hodge from Baltimore writes: As a Ravens fan, I support attempting to get along with Steelers fans this coming year. I have too many friends in Maryland that support the Black and Gold, even though they may be foolish. However, I'm willing to try if the Steeler Nation is as well. Both teams are more similar than we think. Each play a physical style of defense and their fans match their team's intensity on Sunday. It’s time to bury the hatchet. Happy New Year Ravens and Steelers fans.

Megan Peoples from Richmond, Va., writes: I love the idea of a New Year’s resolution as a Ravens fan. However, I had to laugh out (really) loud when I read "will the Ravens and Steelers fans try to get along?" Impossible! Now, two of my best friends are Steelers fans. I love them dearly on all days except for Sunday. The rivalry is too deep for anyone on either side to cross -- especially after questionable calls that we can spend the entire offseason bickering about. The Steeler fans got in our faces all last year after the Super Bowl. No matter what happens to us in the offseason we can't wait to throw it right back at them.

Noah from Baltimore writes: New Year’s resolution is to get along with Steeler fans? Are you kidding me? As happy as it made me that the Ravens’ win got them into the playoffs, I was as happy, if not more happy, that the Steelers were not getting into the playoffs. The Ravens are tied for my favorite team, along with whoever is currently playing the Steelers. Get along with Steeler fans? Please.

Dustin from Pittsburgh writes: As a Steeler fan, I resolve to not be so critical of other Steeler fans. Steeler Nation has a knee-jerk reaction to EVERYTHING. So if you live in Pittsburgh, you get to deal with these yinzers who predict the Steelers will win their seventh Lombardi trophy one week, and then they're calling for Bruce Arians’ head the next week. If I resolve to do this, Steeler Nation has to meet me halfway--stop having a knee-jerk reaction to every single thing!

Amr from Toms River, N.J., writes: My football resolution is the same it has been in years past. I want to take control of the Oakland Raiders. I don't claim to be a football expert, but I think I can at least stay out of the team’s way, something that Al Davis needs to learn.

Markiyan from Kiev, Ukraine, writes: My New Year’s resolution will be simple - get to see a Steelers game in Pittsburgh. I didn't do it when I spent my year in Pittsburgh in 2005. I was a student and couldn't afford a ticket.

Brandon from Charlotte, N.C., writes: My New Year’s resolution is to stop letting Steeler losses get to me so much! Even though Pittsburgh has been consistent over the past 30-plus years, they can't always win. I go into a week-long depression after a loss, and I don't know what to do with myself!

AFC North Final Say

James Walker: Thanks for opening up, everyone, and I hope our community reaches its goals for the New Year. My football resolution for 2010 is to have a blog-free year of Ed Reed-Troy Polamalu debates.

If you have any future "Thought of the Day" ideas for the AFC North, send them to our division inbox.