Art Rooney II still confident in Steelers

Team president Art Rooney II echoed similar sentiments to what quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said about the Pittsburgh Steelers' 31-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I think there are people that like to jump to conclusions about what your team's going to be after one game or two games or three games in the preseason. It's one game and our goal is to continue to work at it and get better," Rooney told ESPN.com. "I feel good about the people we have that are going to do that."

The Steelers raised the level of their fans' collective anxiety with how they lost the preseason game in which starters saw their most extensive action.

The defense couldn't stop the run or Eagles quarterbacks Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez. It got so bad that at one point in the third quarter Troy Polamalu's voice was among the loudest of the players yelling at one another on the sidelines.

The offense did not fare much better.

The starters managed just one touchdown despite playing into the third quarter, and the Steelers did not score until the Eagles had built a 24-0 lead.

Rooney said he won't put too much emphasis on one game -- and a preseason one at that.

"It's a not journey where you stop and say, 'Oh, OK, we're a good team' or 'Oh, OK we're a bad team,'" he said. "You've got to keep working and you've got to try to keep getting better so I don't try to jump to that conclusion two weeks into the preseason."

Rooney is pleased the Steelers were able to accomplish one of their main offseason goals of adding more team speed.

"Having said that we do have new faces so there are people that have to learn how to work together," Rooney said. "We'll see how quickly people can get to where they need to be. We're going to have a younger team than we've had in awhile.

"Sometimes that's good, sometimes there's bumps in the road that come along with that. I think it's going to be an interesting season to see how all of that unfolds. Whatever we are on Sept. 7, hopefully we'll be better on Dec. 1."